Saturday, 29 March 2008

Darcy's almost last + last day on Holiday!!

Darcy was John's dancing Vizsla this morning!!!

This is Igor who was even bigger than Hamish (can that be?)

Mrs Darcy will need her own kittens as she can't take Otto or Franz with her!

...zzzzz waking up with Otto....

Little Mrs Darcy hasn't really grown that much we realized when we saw her next to Hamish...

Little Darcy likes being carried so that she can not only go to broadway market but also to the park with the big V's

Lasse and John say good bye little Darcy.

Mini Viz Whizz in Vikky Park - Hamish, Darcy, Ruby, Morris (missing are: Boris, Jerry, Brickie)

on way back home those little Darcy legs were tired....

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Darcy-Holiday cont.!!!

who was it that said that small Vizslas can't pick up rabbits? .....
This rabbit is Radio's trophy win from the southwest VizWhizz xmas due in 2006. He won it and loved it, and it is totally indestructible even though it was an attempted kill many times over (Darcy not far off in trying).....

a little earlier on:

"wow, this guy thinks he can show me how to do things, but let me show him what i can do naturally" .....(the secret dream of Darcy is to become a ballerina, but, she doesn't yet know that dogs can't be ballerinas....but then Radio never knew that too but fancied himself one, and enticed the other Hackney dogs to dance along...)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Darcy Holiday! Day 3 + 4 + 5 (+Darcy the menace)

else she's as good as gold!!!!

sunday: lots of snow (well.....)

Franz and Darcy are now officially best friends.

saturday: Darcy looks all innocent, as does Franz... Franz, with Darcy, just ate Darcy's breakfast, together (which is why Franz can't make it onto the bed at this moment, too heavy), and now its time to go out!

It's saturday so Darcy darling went to broadway market....

Darcy has only short legs and hence is not allowed to walk all the way to the park, so it was walk, carry, walk, carry.... while Hamish and Ruby did all the running, Darcy snuggled up in Joe's coat...
Then it hailed and even snowed a bit and Darcy went into Ross's coat on the way back home.

Lasse and Tristan and yep, Mrs Darcy who has permanently moved onto Lasse's lap.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Darcy on Holiday!!! Day 1 + 2

morning: Otto LOVES Darcy's food....Darcy though needs plenty of convincing to eat...she's like: food, oh, what's going on over there? oh yes, i was hungry, one more bite, oh, hi Otto, you hungry too? have some of mine then...etc....

chicken seems to do the trick though (hopefully, else she'll be size zero when Jodie comes to collect her)

afternoon: I work and Darcy snoozes....

evening: meeting and Steven and Ross at the pub, it's Steven's birthday! oh, of course, we also met HUGE Hamish - well, Darcy is tiny still (my pics never came out though, was too dark)

Day 2:
Darcy is solving the mysteries of treat-bricks and she's really smart and figured it out (nearly).

..tonight we're having a dinner and so all the chairs are in the other room and Darcy got robo-eyes and felt quite cosy on Lasse's legs

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Early January 2008

This is Darcy out for a walk in a grocery bag - her vaccinations weren't yet fully effective.