Saturday, 29 March 2008

Darcy's almost last + last day on Holiday!!

Darcy was John's dancing Vizsla this morning!!!

This is Igor who was even bigger than Hamish (can that be?)

Mrs Darcy will need her own kittens as she can't take Otto or Franz with her!

...zzzzz waking up with Otto....

Little Mrs Darcy hasn't really grown that much we realized when we saw her next to Hamish...

Little Darcy likes being carried so that she can not only go to broadway market but also to the park with the big V's

Lasse and John say good bye little Darcy.

Mini Viz Whizz in Vikky Park - Hamish, Darcy, Ruby, Morris (missing are: Boris, Jerry, Brickie)

on way back home those little Darcy legs were tired....


Rocket said...

oh what a nice papa you have to carry you!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could still be carried sometimes. You are a very lucky little puppy.

Loving your adventures.

Are we still going to hear from you once you have gone home?